smxiptv Box or Shava IPTV Box come with 6 Months` Warranty (starting from 25th Nov. 2012). This Warranty covers any normal faults, which are not related to any mishandling or droping on the surface, or misusing the box or the product, including the software which comes in the smxiptv Box preinstalled. Please make sure that there are no cracks or visible scratches, or dents etc on the smxiptv box, nor there is any effort or sign of openning the smxiptv Box. Also there will be a $25 processing and testing fee charged even if the box was found working or not working properly. Customers will have to pay for any return shipment charges, regardless of fault or warranty coverage time and terms. If the item is not covered with given warranty then extra repair charges will be assessed. And If customers do not want the item to be sent back, still there will be $25 testing fee charged. smxiptv has a 14 days return policy. If you ship the unit back to us within 14 days after receiving it, your payment will be refunded after deduction of 15% restocking fee. And customer will have to pay for any mail charges for returning the item. Please email with the product Serial Number, at the bottom of the box along with the detail of any problems. We will try to resolve the issue with you on the phone or via email and if nothing helps then you can request for a Return Authorization Number which will be provided to you. Please ensure that you send in the package in its original form. Once the product reaches us it may take us up to 2 weeks to test the product and then mail out the check in your name with your refunded amount. Also you have make sure that the item or product to be returned should be in its original packing and original resalable form, without any efforts of opening or tempering with the Box or Software or other parts. There must be no marks, or scratches or dents on the Shava TV is not responsible for the content and it does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content viewable through Shava TV Device. smxiptv is providing the streams of all the channels/programs as they are available on the internet. Apart from Shava TV, all other Trademarks or Business Names are the property of their respective owners. Also Adding more options/programming by registaring shava box is solely shava user`s responsibility. Read more details under Terms of Use.

If you buy from a local dealer then please confirm its return policy from the dealer as every dealer may have its own independent return policy or terms and conditions