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Shava Setup Guide (Quick Points):
1- Open your box And connect with Internet Wired or Wifi connections.
2- Connect it with TV and Power it ON.
3- Select the right TV Input or Source, through TV remote Control, where the box is connected to – it may be HDMI 1 or 2 or 3 (if using HDMI for TV) or Input 1 or 2 or AV 1 or AV2 etc.
4- If right Input or source selected you should see Shava Sign or some other picture form the Shava Box.
5- If all connections working OK then it will take you to the registration page where you are asked to register your box through your Shava remote control. Press OK key to see key pad on TV screen and register as directed. If you are unable to register for some reason then. Call Shava Support to do it on phone or send email to: , notifying them your Name, Phone Number, Email, location and the Shava Box S/n or Serial Number.
6- And if you are using WiFi or wireless connection for internet then it may ask you for your Wifi name and its password, before going to registration process.
8- Without Registration, the box may not be active and may not be able to work properly. So make sure you register it carefully and properly. And if you don’t like to register for some reason, you may return the box or you may use it with Youtube/Kodi or some other apps or do Web browsing etc. as available.
9- Your box may also indicate you to download some apps or you may do it of your own if you like, to explore more options out of it.
And please also see FAQs or Pictured Setup Guide available on this website.

We recommend you to download and study the setup guide in detail before using the product.

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