Press and Play

Just press the channel number Only smxiptv gives you the feel of real TV. Just directly go to your desired channel – no need of moving the cursor .right or left all the time!

Make it a PVR

Now you can make smxiptv box a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to watch and record live shows. You need to add a USB Drive, (purchase separately).

Quality that stands out

Better processing engine gives you better quality. You can Watch upto 1080P HD Picture and Listen to the Audio in True HD Dolby Sound.

Bigger is better

bigger box that can work for longer hours without getting hot. Bigger remote control with ease of handling and using.

Wired or Wireless connectivity

Easy to use Graphic User Ineterface that lets you flow from one option to another, with out any hastle. Watch Movies or shows not only from Bollywood but also from Lollywood and other Regions.